Phone Skope

Unveiling Phone Skope | A Breakthrough in Smartphone Photography

Phone Skope is a game-changing device that seamlessly integrates your smartphone with optical equipment like binoculars and spotting scopes, revolutionizing how you capture and share outdoor experiences. Understanding Phone Skope: How It Works Phone Skope comprises two main components: a custom phone case and an adapter that connects to your optics. This innovative setup ensures…

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ethiotelecom mobile phones

The Impact of ethiotelecom mobile phones Industry in Ethiopia

Introduction In Ethiopia, ethiotelecom mobile phones is prominent in the telecommunications sector, particularly in mobile phones. Ethiotelecom’s involvement in the mobile phone industry has significantly influenced the accessibility and usage of mobile devices nationwide. Expanding Accessibility Ethiotelecom’s extensive network infrastructure has played a pivotal role in expanding mobile phone services to various regions, including remote…

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